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(Posted November, 2016)


The Official Spanish-Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, trading as La Camara is a not-for-profit association with a national presence in Australia.

La Camara facilitates and fosters the development of business relationships within the Spanish-Australian business community. La Camara achieves this through events such as corporate lunches, ministerial briefings, seminars, private boardroom functions, networking evenings and more relaxed cultural and cocktail events.

Trade between Australia and Spain has been steadily increasing during the last few years with over 800 companies from Spain and Australia conducting business together and generating combined sales in excess of 3 billions AU$.

Moreover, more than 70 Spanish companies have a permanent presence in this market. Apart from the traditional areas of consumer goods, food and beverages, Spanish companies in Australia are operating in the sectors of infrastructure, information technology and communications, defense, financial services, and energy, including renewables. Many of these companies are valued members of La Camara and their executives participate actively in La Camara activities.

La Camara has a strong relationship with the Trade Commission of Spain, as well as with the Embassy and the Consulates-General. We all share the common objectives of strengthening the presence and visibility of Spain in Australia and the continuing growth of businesses. These valuable links provide access to key contacts to ensure an open dialogue with both State and Federal Government representatives.


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