ARC: Making Career Development Easy

ARC: Making Career Development Easy

23 May, 2017

ARC’s mission is to make career development easy and we do so by offering training and traineeships in sectors such as business, finance, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and hospitality.

In the last months ARC has launched two new programs:

Future Leaders Program: Igniting the leadership passion for growth

Building management capability and creating tomorrow’s leaders.

We live in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) business world. Successful businesses must now adapt continually in the face of new opportunities and competition.

The quality of your people has never been more important. They need to be more than managers. Fast-paced change means that you need contemporary leaders. These are the people who set the goals, get stuff done and inspire those around them to achieve more.

The Future Leaders program is a two-tier diploma course, designed to build both essential management expertise, leadership capability and confidence.

BSB51915 Diploma in Leadership and Management including Thought Leadership. Duration up to 12 months – Training and Assessment is provided by ARC Training RTO# 91007

Big Recruitment Made Easy: ARC can offer you a solution as part of your recruitment and training systems to find eligible employees at no cost for you*.

ARC is ready to assist companies select and train any number of prequalified and enthusiastic workers to support the running of any operation.  The main challenge is finding reliable people.  ARC is an expert in the field and its team of professionals, stablished systems and partnerships enables ARC to fill the positions with the right individuals. ARC will train them to meet client objectives. This can help reduce staff turnover, increase efficiency and raise general education levels across the organisation thereby lifting company performance. In all, there are great advantages for any company in Australia, may they be a local or an overseas entity. We pride ourselves on understanding the needs of organisations and have developed tools to assist us in this process.

We know all of these benefits assist in making good communities, where economic success is coupled with positive social outcomes.

* There might be extra costs depending on very specific training requirements and/or extra services such as transport.

La Camara is also excited to have ARC as one of our valued sponsors in this year’s Vivid Light Festival 2017: Networking Night on 1 June in Sydney. This is an annual event for La Camara, bringing together business and social contacts in a fun and friendly atmosphere to facilitate networking amongst our members and friends.