La Camara aims to be the preeminent point of reference for the Spanish-Australian business community and to facilitate and foster the development of business relationships within this community.

La Camara achieves these aims through events such as corporate lunches, ministerial briefings, seminars, private boardroom functions, networking evenings and more relaxed cultural and cocktail events, as well as a variety of services and promotional opportunities for our members.

Events organised by La Camara allow both members and non-members to develop the professional contacts they need within the Spanish-Australian business community.

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12 May 2022
23 June 2022

Boardroom Lunch with Frankie Carroll
CEO of Suburban Rail Loop Authority

Herbert Smith Freehills Level 24, 80 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000

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Polyglot Group releases an article to guide businesses on the best practices to improve employee mental health and retention after COVID-19

11 May of 2022 COVID-19 and its outbreaks have changed the lives of everyone and mental health in the work environment has become one of the most critical aspects where businesses are putting more effort than ever and companies are working to improve it and support employees. Celine Rethore, Senior HR Advisor and Team Leader at Polytglot Group, Business Member of La Camara, has recently published an article to review and present the best practices to improve employee mental health and retention after COVID-19. How can your Business Improve Employee Mental Health & Retention post COVID-19? Supporting your employees’ mental health is more critical now than ever! With the COVID-19 pandemic (and the resulting economic recession) leading to a significant and unprecedented worsening of the general population’s mental health, there’s a very high chance some (if not all) of your employees have been affected. And no wonder! Between battling financial insecurity, unemployment, isolation, declining physical health, as well as general fear among other things, anxiety levels are at an all time high. As an employer, this is your chance to support your staff and break the stigma around mental health. Whilst you may be thinking it isn’t your place to do so, you really can’t afford not to. The fact is your employees’ mental health and your company’s bottom line are inextricably linked. Since an employee’s overall engagement, productivity and retention rate directly correlates to their mental health, your business’ success & performance relies on it. In this light, a great way to prioritise your team’s wellbeing, is to take steps to better understand how your employees are feeling over time. The easiest way to gauge this is by regularly conducting mental health surveys. Not only do they enable you to collect valuable insight on your team’s general wellbeing, mental health surveys can also help you track trends as well as identify employee concerns so as to address them more efficiently. Conducting workplace mental health surveys will also help you identify any gaps in your mental health programs and enable you to remedy them effectively. Whilst the benefits are clear, many business leaders still feel stumped as to what questions to ask or how to approach particular topics. To help you, here are some foundational questions to get you started. Read the full article Source: Polyglot Group

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CUPRA Australia launches a limited run of three of its flagship cars in Australia

4 May of 2022 CUPRA Australia launches a limited run of three of its flagship cars in Australia. The company that has recently entered the Australian market has arrived to revolutionize it, bringing together emotion, electrification and performance and enhancing the love for cars and driving in the era of electrification.                                                       Known as the unconventional challenger brand, CUPRA Australia has opened its e-shop for limited pre-orders of the three models of: CUPRA Formentor crossover SUV, the CUPRA Leon hatchback and the CUPRA Ateca SUV. Australia will be the first market where CUPRA will operate exclusively as a performance brand. Last year, CUPRA maintained its upward trend, tripling global sales with 80,000 vehicles delivered, driven by the success of the CUPRA Formentor. From Barcelona to Australia 15,237kms. There is a large physical distance between Barcelona & Australia, but there is no emotional distance and CUPRA's progressive mindset finds its match in Australia. Launched in 2018, CUPRA's headquarters and a racing car factory are located in Martorell (Barcelona), in addition to a global network of specialised points of sale. Pre-orders are available from today Members and friends can be the first to own a CUPRA car in Australia by clicking on the link and choosing their desired CUPRA model (Ateca, Leon, Formentor). They will be able to secure their vehicle by placing a refundable deposit.

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Iberdrola Australia has acquired rights over the development of the 1000MW Mount James Wind Farm in Queensland

29 April of 2022 Iberdrola Australia has recently announced the achievement of a new milestone. The company has acquired rights over the 1000MW Mount James Wind Farm development, located in north Queensland, approximately 80 kilometers north of Hughenden. The investment marks an important step in Iberdrola Australia’s commitment to the Queensland market and the north Queensland region. North Queensland benefits from abundant wind and solar resources, large, sparsely populated landholdings, and an established skilled labor force with a proven track record in constructing and operating large-scale energy infrastructure projects. Iberdrola Australia believes this region will play a major role in delivering Queensland’s 50% renewable by 2030 target (QRET) and also has the potential to become a significant hub for green hydrogen and green material export corridor. In this context, the Mount James Wind Farm development site is now one of the foundation assets of Iberdrola Australia’s green energy growth strategy in Queensland. Iberdrola Australia's Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Ross Rolfe, AO, has said: “Our investment in Mt James occurs in the context of a much broader strategic commitment to the Queensland market - one that puts the customer at the centre of the renewable energy transition by committing to provide a more comprehensive and integrated suite of green energy products and technologies. This will provide Queenslanders with many opportunities arising from the energy transition. We look forward to working closely with the Queensland government as well as the workers and communities who will be impacted by the energy transition to deliver this strategy.” Read more here. Source: Iberdrola Australia

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