La Camara aims to be the preeminent point of reference for the Spanish-Australian business community and to facilitate and foster the development of business relationships within this community.

La Camara achieves these aims through events such as corporate lunches, ministerial briefings, seminars, private boardroom functions, networking evenings and more relaxed cultural and cocktail events, as well as a variety of services and promotional opportunities for our members.

Events organised by La Camara allow both members and non-members to develop the professional contacts they need within the Spanish-Australian business community.

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19 October 2018

2018 Annual Gala Dinner

Hyatt Regency - 161 Sussex Street, Sydney, NSW 2000
15 November 2018

Cruise with the Europeans 2018

Jetty No.1 - King St. Wharf, Sydney NSW 2000

    Corporate Members


    CAF closes the acquisition process on the Polish firm Solaris

    11 September 2018 The process of acquiring the Polish firm Solaris Bus & Coach and its inclusion into the CAF Group was successfully closed. After a closing period of over a month, and after obtaining the approval of the Polish and German Anti-Trust Authorities without any obligations or reservations for the parties, a definitive agreement has been reached whereby CAF acquires 100% of the shares of Solaris Bus & Coach. This transaction will ensure the leadership of the CAF Group and Solaris in the supply of innovative solutions in urban public transport in Europe and will strengthen the position of both brands in the international markets. Additionally, CAF has entered into an agreement with the Polish PFR investment fund -Polski Fundusz Rozwoju- for the acquisition by the latter of a minority stake in Solaris (35%) in the same terms and conditions agreed by CAF in the acquisition of Solaris. This agreement will materialize in the next weeks, once the administrative procedures are finished and the authorization of the corresponding regulatory entities is obtained. Through the participation of a solid financial partner like PFR as a minority shareholder, CAF maintains the Polish identity of Solaris and strengthens its position to accomplish the ambitious growth plan of the company. It should be reminded that Solaris is a global supplier of conventional and electric buses with presence in over 700 cities in 32 countries. With a 2017 turnover of close to €450 million, in that year the company delivered 1,397 buses, including conventional models (diesel and CNG) and a growing number of e-mobility vehicles, where it offers the widest available range of solutions, e.g. hybrid buses, trolleybuses, full-battery and hydrogen fuel cell powered public transport vehicles. “CAF’s investment in Solaris confirms our commitment to the vision of profitable growth and opens new strategic markets to CAF,” said Andrés Arizkorreta, President and Chief Executive Officer of CAF. “Together with Solaris, we will create a leader in urban mobility solutions beyond rolling stock, particularly in the e-mobility segment. We want to continue using and to develop Solaris’ valuable brand and to keep its Polish character. The combination of both companies’ know-how in production, design, technology and services, together with the track record of Solaris in bus product innovation will allow us to better serve our clients while creating shareholder value”. Solange Olszewska, founder of Solaris Bus & Coach S.A., said: "It was not an easy decision for me and my family. Over 20 years ago, my husband and I founded our company that today employs nearly 2,500 people and that is active on more than 30 markets. I know that I am leaving the company in good hands. The CAF Group will continue the best practice in the Solaris brand and will let it grow even more”.

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    Position Partners and Vermeer Australia join forces to create semi-autonomous pile driving solution for Australian solar farms

    26 July 2018 A combination of Carlson machine guidance, the Vermeer PD10 pile driver machine and technical support promises increased productivity for the Australian solar industry. Intelligent positioning solutions provider Position Partners has teamed up with heavy machinery manufacturer Vermeer Australia, to streamline pile driving applications in the solar industry. The amount of posts required for a solar farm varies greatly, from a few hundred to a few hundred thousand. Traditional methods are labour intensive with potential for human error, as they involve a surveyor manually staking out each pile location, along with continuous stringline installation to guide the machine operator. If any pile is a little off its desired location, the racking system that is used to house the solar panels may not fit. By eliminating the need for manual stakeout and stringlines, the new semi-autonomous solution not only speeds up the process, it also guarantees greater accuracy and improved safety, by removing the need for people to work close to the pile driving machine. “Depending on the project, we estimate that contractors save between eight to ten dollars for every pile they drive,” said Andrew Granger, Position Partners Business Manager for Mining, Solar and Landfill. “On a small solar farm where every dollar counts that’s a good saving, and on a large-scale farm the savings are significant,” he added. Carlson machine guidance includes a variety of sensors fitted to the machine, along with a precision GPS unit and a control box that gives the operator real-time information about location, depth and angle of each pile. With all the information required on screen, the solution eliminates the need to manually stake out the piles altogether. When combined with Vermeer’s PD10 piling system, the benefits of Carlson’s machine guidance are further increased. Vermeer opened up the machine’s CANBUS system to allow for greater communication between the machine and the guidance technology, creating a semi-autonomous solution that reduces the risk of human error even more. “We’ve been working with Carlson’s Australian distributor, Position Partners, for some months on this solution, with great success,” said Jeff Lawson, National Construction Sales Manager at Vermeer Australia. “Vermeer’s most advanced pile driving machine, combined with Carlson’s machine guidance and our combined technical support capabilities enables us to offer a winning combination for Australian contractors.” For more information about the semi-autonomous pile driving solution contact Position Partners on 1300 867 266 or visit

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    Cardno’s fire safety expert contributes to safer infrastructure and buildings in Australia

    12 July 2018 Bruce Watson, Team Leader – Hydraulics and Fire, has accepted an invitation to join the technical management committee on Fire Safety Engineering (FSE) Project, being undertaken by The Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering at the University of Sydney. Bruce was invited by the Warren Centre’s Chairman and Cardno’s consultant, Richard (Dick) Kell, who recently received the Gold Medal Award from the Association of Consulting Structural Engineers (ACSE) for his outstanding and long-term contribution to the structural engineering profession. The technical management committee on the Fire Safety Engineering Project examines the issues of regulation, control and professionalism in the field of fire safety. Bruce’s role is to provide reviews of their research related to current government enquiries and other more material focussed research. The objective of the Warren Centre’s FSE project is to have Fire Safety Engineering recognised and accredited nationally as a branch of Professional Engineering, thus encouraging innovation and excellence in building designs and addressing fire safety outcomes in new and existing buildings and infrastructure across Australia. “It is an exciting role and a great honour to be part of a team that is making changes at a national level to make Australian infrastructure and buildings safer,” said Bruce. For more information about The Warren Centre, visit their page here: For more information contact: Bruce Watson Team Leader – Hydraulics and Fire +61 2 9496 7700

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