Iberdrola enters Australia market with big plans, including 320MW wind solar hybrid

18 November 2019 By Sophie Vorrath, Renew Economy Spanish energy giant Iberdrola has unveiled plans to tap the “tremendous” potential of Australia’s

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Navy’s largest warships achieve final operational capability

13 November 2019 The Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN) Canberra class Landing Helicopter Docks (LHD), have achieved final operational capability. This is a

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Ingeteam launches its new PV string inverter featuring 1500 Vdc technology

8 October 2019 Ingeteam is finalizing the launch of its new INGECON® SUN 160TL photovoltaic string inverter, offering the possibility of achieving a power

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A custom Silestone® bar is red hot at the Ferrari F8 Tributo launch

1 October 2019 Ferrari is one of the most desirable automobiles in the world and the brand is the epitome of luxury.  So, when Ferrari Australasia introduced

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Auckland’s new commuter trains on way from Spain

2 September 2019 Source: The first of Auckland's latest commuter trains has left the factory in Spain. The first of the three-carriage

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Aurecon’s new Aviation Director takes a broad view to help horizontally integrate the industry for a new generation of passenger and airlines

17 September 2019 When you’re surrounded by technical experts what you need are specialist generalists to connect the dots. That’s according to

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