ACCIONA signs a corporate PPA with Viva Energy in Australia

ACCIONA signs a corporate PPA with Viva Energy in Australia

19 February 2019

ACCIONA Energy has expanded its strategic partnership with commercial and industrial clients by signing a corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Australian leading energy company Viva Energy, to support its strategically important Geelong Refinery in Victoria.

Viva Energy supplies around a quarter of Australia’s liquid fuel requirements and sells Shell products under licence across the country.

Under the PPA, the refinery has partnered with ACCIONA’s new 132 MW wind farm at Mt Gellibrand, which is around an hour away from the Geelong facility. The PPA represents around one third of the refinery’s electricity load, and the contract commenced in January 2019.

Acciona Energy Australia Managing Director Brett Wickham said: “Companies like Viva Energy understand the value alternative energy supply solutions, such as this wind-backed corporate PPA, offer in reducing electricity price volatility and costs. We take a strategic approach to understanding the needs of commercial and industrial clients, and are pleased to be working with Viva Energy on this corporate PPA. We share their commitment towards greater energy productivity and the environmental benefits the wind farm brings.”

Viva Energy CEO Scott Wyatt said: “Access to reliable and affordable electricity is critical for our refining operations which need to operate continuously and be able to compete with large scale refineries overseas. Over the last few years the cost of electricity supply in Victoria has more than doubled and has become increasingly subject to pricing spikes due to weather and reliability events causing disruptions to generation and supply.”

“Our research has shown that renewable energy is very competitive with existing sources of generation and can be a viable and sustainable part of the energy mix for a business like ours. This agreement with Acciona is a win-win outcome for us both as it helps lock in a stable electricity price over the long term, while supporting a local renewable energy source not far from the refinery.”

On a global scale, ACCIONA Energy is increasing the sale of electricity from its portfolio of renewable energy generation to large organizations, helping them reduce their carbon footprint and become more sustainable.  The company now has over 500 contracts in place. Customers operate in a wide variety of sectors such as transport, telecommunications, infrastructure, industry, consumer goods and health services. Specifically, they include well-known names such as Google, Unilever, General Mills, Kellogg’s, and Bosch.