Conga Foods imports new Spanish DOP cheeses to Australian market in 2022

Conga Foods imports new Spanish DOP cheeses to Australian market in 2022

24 January 2022

Conga Foods continues to bring the best cuisine to Australia. This 2022, the company has imported some new Spanish PDO cheeses into Australia.

Starting with the award-winning Torta del Casar DOP from La Aldea Extremeña, made from raw sheep’s milk and matured for two months. Torta del Casar is characterized by its aroma and intense, well-developed flavour. This pungent cheese is best paired with meats, anchovies, breadsticks as a dip, or spread on bread.

Blue cheeses are becoming a staple in Australian entertaining grazing boards. Cabrales DOP Blue Cheese is an excellent addition as it is one of the most famous and strongest Spanish Blue cheeses. Produced by Queseria La Pandiella, this mixed milk cheese is soft and creamy yet crumbly with an intense taste with a tangy, spicy aftertaste. It is best paired with a sweet, like honey or fig jam, to mellow its intensity. Simply enjoyed with bread and even used for cooking.

The last of Conga Food’s DOP launches is an artisan cheese from Catalonia, Garrotxa PDO. This cheese is produced by D’Albio, with a firm but elastic texture which becomes soft and velvety. Accompany with bread and olive oil, fruit or jams, and perfect addition in salads.

Last but not least, Conga Foods has launched Siete Coronas Goats Cheese made from quality Spanish goat’s milk near Toledo. Firm and compact cheese with light goat’s aroma. Best paired with red fruit, apple or figs, and/or crisp, fruity white wine. Great eaten in triangles as finger food or cut up in a salad.

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