SICE sign long-term commitment to keep the WestConnex M4 and M8 supported, open and safe for the next 3 years

SICE sign long-term commitment to keep the WestConnex M4 and M8 supported, open and safe for the next 3 years

September 9, 2020

SICE today announced that WestConnex | Transurban has entrusted SICE to support a complex ecosystem of safety systems by signing a three-year fixed price support contract for the M4 and M8.  The contract includes a multi-tiered supported services model covering at least ten Intelligent traffic systems (ITS).

SICE’s multi-skilled team of engineers provides customers with a unique opportunity to support their motorways efficiently and reliably. Motorways and tunnels are managed by a complex mix of systems from many different hardware and software vendors which can create logistical challenges when trying to maintain and repair the systems. By having a multi-skilled team, SICE are able to provide a “one-stop shop” to maintain, diagnose, restore services and resolve issues. A single point of contact in single fixed price prime contract gives owner-operator WestConnex | Transurban a simple, long term solution to system assurance.

SICE will be conducting preventative and corrective maintenance on the following systems:

  • SIDERA – SICE’s flagship Operations Management and Control System
  • CISCO Motorway Network Communications System (MNCS)
  • Rockwell Master Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
  • DELL and VMWare Virtualised Server Solution
  • Microsoft Operating Systems and Databases
  • Genetec Digital Video Management System (DVMS)
  • Citilog Automatic Video Detection (AVID)
  • Barco Video Wall
  • Dallas Delta voice communications systems covering Motorist Emergency Telephones (METS), Fire Emergency Telephones (FETS) and an Integrated Operation Communications system (IOCS) for all voice communications across the road network.
  • Various desktop, peripheral and support systems

SICE’s large in-house team of subject matter experts in Australia will be available 24 hours 7 days a week to handle most challenges presented by the myriad of systems. In a first for Australia, SICE are also providing three years of assurance and warranty for all systems which is well beyond the standard construction program defect liability period (DLP) of twenty four months. This is possible by leveraging SICE’s strategic partnerships with hardware and software vendors in the region and across the globe.

“This new agreement to support the M4 and M8 signifies SICE’s commitment to our long-term partnership with WestConnex | Transurban. As part of this contract, we’ve extended our DLP promises and taken on business continuity obligations to keep the road open and safe for all road users. SICE designed and integrated most of these systems, so this demonstrates our confidence in our products and our people. It also demonstrates SICE’s long term commitment to its Australian customers and road users., says Manuel Gonzalez Arrojo, MD of SICE Australia.

SICE is a systems integration technology company with extensive and comprehensive experience in over 60 locations worldwide. No two roads are the same, each with unique geometries and operating challenges. SICE’s flagship product SIDERA is a commercial-off-the-shelf technology that is highly configurable to suit customer’s unique roadways and requirements. SIDERA is a world leading, fully integrated Operations Management & Control System (OMCS) which allows road operators and maintainers to seamlessly manage the entire operation, of surveillance, traffic management and life safety equipment.

In Australia and New Zealand, SICE has successfully delivered its SIDERA OMCS in five projects – the M5 West in Sydney, the St Helena Tunnel between Tintenbar to Ewingsdale on the Pacific Highway, the WestConnex M4 East in Sydney, the WestConnex M8 in Sydney and the Waterview Tunnel in Auckland New Zealand. SICE have a further three projects under construction – the WestConnex M4-M5 Link Tunnels in Sydney, the Rozelle Interchange in Sydney and the West Gate Tunnel Project in Melbourne.

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